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Von Epstein University (VEU), is growing fast!  With our recent acquisition of the European-American University, we have nearly doubled in size, and this is just the beginning.  VEU is opening a full time campus in the United States and transforming our operations around the world.  We are also opening our new facilities for Business, and Science & Technology in Las Vegas Nevada USA in the Winter of 2008. 


No Animal Testing

Not Tested On Animals

Effective 1 September 2008, research and testing on animals will be officially prohibited at Von Epstein University. Every faculty member, researcher and student has or will sign, either as part of their contract or separately, a statement of ethics in support for the prohibition of animal testing and the use of animals in experiments. Von Epstein University is a world-wide leader in alternatives to animal testing and has had no active programs using animals since 2005. With unanimous support from our faculty and Board of Directors, VEU has pledged to be the first university with a complete ban on such testing.


Green University Green University

Von Epstein University has completed its first phase of Green compliance In order to qualify for Green University status, the University had to demonstrate that it is committed to:

  • Employing full-time staff dedicated to environmental management
  • Producing and implementing an official environmental policy
  • Conducting an environmental review of the University’s environmental impact
  • Work with the students, faculty and staff to improve recycling in all buildings operate by the university
With this phase completed, VEU moves on to new operations to improve its Green standing such as carbon emission reductions through the purchase or internal development of Solar and Wind power on all campuses. Currently the Munich campus is run entirely from wind and solar energy with ground source heat pumps for air conditioning. The new Las Vegas campus, opening soon, will also be 100% carbon neurtal. All campus operations have been paper-free for nearly a decade, saving millions of trees. Future efforts include conversion to all LED lighting from the current compact-flourescent lighting used exclusively.


Administration moves to London


Effective 1 August 2008, Von Epstein University administration moves to London! Having outgrown the facilities at Farington, and in an attempt to centralize administrative functions, the Office of The President, Accounting, Board of Directors Center, Registrars Office and Admissions Office all have moved to London. Please address any postal correspondence to: Number 195172, 372 Old Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9AU




President's Office


Office of Admissions


University Accreditation

Von Epsteain University (VEU) is internationally accredited in England, Ireland, Germany and the USA as well as the highly respected European Commission Accreditation for Universities and Colleges. VEU also holds international accreditations for its Distance Learning programs including very special accreditation as a university of study for disabled students including the speech and hearing impaired. Students may review accreditation documents in the Office of the President or Offices of each campus.



VEU has a number of campuses in the EU, USA and Argentina.   With our headquarters in Farington England and campuses in Dublin Ireland, new technology and sciences center in Munich Germany, our new compus in Las Vegas Nevada USA, and new facilities in Buenos Aires Argentina, we are growing very fast.


Equal Opportunity Statement

VEU prohibits discrimination based on race, marital status, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin, at any of its locations. This policy implements various US federal and EU laws and applies to employment, admission, education and facilities.