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Business Growth

Von Epstein Universities' Farington Graduate School of Business (FGSB) is growing fast and has added a number of noted faculty for the 2007-8 academic year.   In addition, FGSB is adding a new facility in the USA.  


The Queens Award, 10 Years Running

Queens Award

The Graduate School of Business (FGSB) is internationally renown program for students of global business interests. FGSB is an internationally accredited graduate program. In 2006 FGSB received for the 10th straight year, Her Royal Majesties “Queen’s Award for Education” as the best small graduate business college in England.



Business Campus New Faculty and Programs

Dean Thales is a 30 year veteran of industry in France where he and his brother founded Thales Navagation, manufacturers of Magellan GPS. Dean Thales has been with FGSM as a Professor of Business Sciences for 17 years.  He will lead existing and new faculty members in our new focus on Business Science including small business and globally distributed businesses.




FGSB provides MBA, MBS, PhD in Business Administration and MBS, PhD in Engineering Management degrees in with both course and seminar credits towards these degrees. Most courses are offered at the main campus in Farington or via traveling seminar series at affiliated colleges and universities. See the Degrees and Courses and Seminars pages for more information.

Contact business@VonEpsteinUniversity.EU for further information or inquiries.

Dean Robert Thales, PhD, EdD



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University Accreditation

Von Epsteain University (VEU) is internationally accredited in England, Ireland, Germany and the USA as well as the highly respected European Commission Accreditation for Universities and Colleges. VEU also holds international accreditations for its Distance Learning programs including very special accreditation as a university of study for disabled students including the speech and hearing impaired. Students may review accreditation documents in the Office of the President or Offices of each campus.



VEU has a number of campuses in the EU, USA and Argentina.   With our headquarters in Farington England and campuses in Dublin Ireland, new technology and sciences center in Munich Germany, our new compus in Las Vegas Nevada USA, and new facilities in Buenos Aires Argentina, we are growing very fast.


Equal Opportunity Statement

VEU prohibits discrimination based on race, marital status, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin, at any of its locations. This policy implements various US federal and EU laws and applies to employment, admission, education and facilities.